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ID Sev Summary Status Reported
308NormalTrue fullscreen modeReviewed3/21/2022
272NormalAdd "quick snip" functionality like Snipping ToolFixed8/23/2021
271TrivialRename "270 degree rotate" to "90 degree counterclockwise"Fixed7/28/2021
270NormalWarp tool cannot select SouthwestFixed6/30/2021
269NormalAspect Ratio selectionNew6/24/2021
268NormalHidden layer appears when Ctrl+AReviewed5/25/2021
266NormalLinear blur filterNew4/26/2021
265NormalWebP format supportNew4/23/2021
264NormalRectangular select - lock aspect ratio of sourceNew3/30/2021
263NormalCrop to ViewportReviewed3/30/2021
262Trivial"Color is not valid" when making color fully transparent on Adjustments tabReviewed3/15/2021
261NormalScreen cropFixed3/15/2021
260NormalDon't block shutdownsReviewed3/1/2021
259NormalAdd Outline to text toolReviewed2/23/2021
257MajorCopying freeform selection and trying to paste causes errorFixed1/22/2021
255MinorNo * next to title for pasted imageFixed12/22/2020
254MinorScript to "emphasize selection"Reviewed12/7/2020
253NormalEncrypted temp file storageNew12/4/2020
250MinorWindow menu does not have title when no document openFixed10/26/2020
248NormalAutosave should commit after every major operationReviewed7/19/2020
245NormalAllow pasting transparent imagesFixed6/16/2020
244MinorUpdate checker should check periodically when NPS is openReviewed5/19/2020
242MajorUnable to save opened or pasted image as NPSD, Fixed5/6/2020
241NormalMask is not cleared from freeform select when pastingFixed5/6/2020
240NormalLayer From Selection doesn't create undo stepIn Progress2/26/2020
239MinorWindow names in Window menu are incorrectFixed1/2/2020
238NormalAuto-save when PC is restarted for updatesReviewed11/14/2019
237MinorAdd keyboard support to layer move toolReviewed10/1/2019
219NormalAuto detect Tablet mode and enable Touch Friendly layoutReviewed5/19/2019
218NormalWhen using Keyed Selection mode, try to guess background color (using flood fill algorithm or similReviewed4/23/2019
217MinorExport to Block CharacterReviewed4/22/2019
216MinorWhen changing selection mode in another window, all new windows default to Alpha insteadReviewed4/22/2019
215NormalAdd support for using EXIF data for JPEGs to detect rotationReviewed3/25/2019
214MinorIf NPS is minimized and then closed, it won't load panels correctly the next time it is openedIn Testing3/14/2019
213NormalSelection mode (Keyed, Alpha, etc) won't stick until the window is closed. Is annoying that it doesReviewed1/21/2019
212MinorPasting new document does not update "Untitled" countFixed12/11/2018
211Normal'Find and Replace' but for images!Reviewed12/4/2018
210NormalColorize filter resets to red on Reviewed11/27/2018
208MajorZoom tool causes crashFixed4/6/2018
207NormalPressing Ctrl+A multiple times clears the imageFixed7/12/2017
206MinorAdd an option to paste to the top left corner instead of the visible corner. Useful for copying pieReviewed5/23/2017
205TrivialCursor outline not workingReviewed12/31/2016
204Normal"Crop to selection" leaves selection behindFixed12/18/2016
203NormalCtrl+scroll does not workFixed12/3/2016
202NormalAuto scroll always enabled since the last updateFixed12/3/2016
201NormalBucket fill tool tolerance is not functionalFixed11/22/2016
199NormalCtrl+A causes selection contents to shift when part of the canvas is outside of the viewport. (ThisReviewed5/4/2016
198NormalAdd a tool to easily insert system cursor into a screenshotReviewed4/27/2016
196NormalWhen dragging and dropping a file, offer the ability to open it in a new instanceFixed11/2/2015
195MinorWhen using a RAM-based undo buffer and clearing steps from it, memory is not released.Reviewed10/3/2015
193NormalHide selection border while moving with arrow keyFixed12/31/2014
192NormalSelection and crop enhancementsReviewed12/17/2014
190MinorNPS crashes when 0x0 selection is createdFixed11/4/2014
188Normal"Fatal: unable to communicate with hybrid-instance-manager" errorWon't Fix9/19/2014
185NormalNPS crashes with the following fatal error:Error:Unable to cast object of type 'System.EventAFixed7/12/2014
184NormalCtrl+I to invert colorsFixed6/20/2014
183MinorNo status bar indicator for long-running undo/redo buffer operationReviewed5/31/2014
182MinorAdd proper DPI support for imagesReviewed4/16/2014
181TrivialChange default Ctrl/Shift modifiersFixed4/16/2014
180NormalAdd smooth curve fitting to pencil toolReviewed4/16/2014
178NormalAdd ruler and guidesReviewed3/26/2014
177TrivialAllow NPS to load images via URLFixed3/24/2014
176MinorAllow the use of Windows registry as configuration backing storeReviewed3/24/2014
175MinorFix up the Skew featureReviewed2/24/2014
174NormalImage operations don't apply to selection when they shouldFixed2/24/2014
173NormalAdd warning for opening multi-page TIFF / animated GIFReviewed2/14/2014
172NormalAdd per-user vs global componentsFixed2/14/2014
171NormalImprove session recoveryReviewed2/12/2014
169TrivialCtrl+V in an NPS window with no document open should invoke Paste As New ImageFixed2/8/2014
168MinorAdd new image dialog + templatesFixed2/8/2014
167NormalMake Esc place selection instead of clearing itFixed1/30/2014
166NormalMake tools work without a keyboardFixed1/28/2014
165MinorAdd color management support (multipart)Reviewed1/27/2014
163NormalAdd multilingual user interfaceIn Progress1/27/2014
162MinorKeep track of file changes, attributes, and lockingReviewed1/27/2014
161MajorSupport high DPI and touch-enhanced UI (multi part issue)In Progress1/24/2014
160NormalFix scrolling behavior for main canvas to support enhanced wheels and trackpadsIn Progress1/24/2014
159NormalRegister file associationsFixed1/12/2014
157MinorToolbox/sidebar panels don't show up occasionallyReviewed11/21/2013
156TrivialAfter you close a document via File->close, the canvas disappears, but you are not prompted to saveFixed11/11/2013
155NormalLaunching the standalone colour picker fails when the skin of NPS is set to metro, stating that theFixed11/9/2013
152MinorShape preview does not overwrite transparencyReviewed10/21/2013
151MinorFix document recovery dialog to be more intuitiveFixed10/21/2013
149MinorAllow proportional selection resizingFixed10/16/2013
148NormalAdd support for viewing and editing EXIF data, or at least preserve existing EXIF dataReviewed10/15/2013
147MajorFreeform selection unnecessarily composites transparency and moves other parts of the image aroundReviewed10/14/2013
146NormalSelection skips bottom right row of pixelsFixed10/14/2013
145MajorFloating point number format mismatch prevents the program from startingFixed10/5/2013
144MinorInstaller freezes when attempting to install over a running copy of NPSReviewed10/1/2013
143NormalAllow configuration of default tool when opening new NPS windowFixed10/1/2013
74MinorAdd fit-to-screen zoom optionReviewed8/16/2013
73Normal1. Symmetry checker- Checks whether an image is symmetric or not. Advanced options: adjustable toler...Reviewed8/13/2013
72NormalPlease add an equation driven line tool....Reviewed8/11/2013
71MinorCycling color not updating main swatch...Fixed7/30/2013
68MinorZooming in with Zoom tool does not update the current zoom valueFixed7/20/2013
69NormalThe RGBA evaluator (in the color picker) doesn't support opacity values that omit a leading zero. F...Fixed7/20/2013
70TrivialThe color picker evaluator pretends that an rgba function doesn't exist. When I type Fixed7/20/2013
66NormalKeyed mode with freeform select is broken...Fixed6/26/2013
65MinorAllow resizing of image to standard page sizes and/or inchesReviewed4/11/2013
64NormalBezier curve moves endpoints when zoomed in...Reviewed4/2/2013
63MajorHello Helpdesk,Filters are not available and so is the Texure option for the Texture brush. ...Can't Reproduce3/17/2013
61NormalFroze up on me after trying Gaussian Blur. After I quit Gaussian Blur, I could not click on the inte...Fixed1/24/2013
60Normal"Place Selection" should work by clicking outside the canvas.Reviewed1/6/2013
59NormalUndo/Redo acts annoyingly when selection in place...Fixed10/6/2012
58NormalNPS reports that it is corrupt when a file is launched via Open With...Fixed8/23/2012
56NormalIf I do a PrintScreen (which captures both of my screens which are running at 1280x1024) and attempt...Can't Reproduce8/20/2012
57MinorResize Canvas does not preserve settingsFixed8/20/2012
55TrivialConfig panel > welcome screen wrapping is broken...Fixed8/6/2012
38MinorRotate dialog, Fixed6/4/2012
35NormalNo save prompt on screenshot paste...Fixed6/17/2011
34NormalSaving GIF turns transparency black...Reviewed6/16/2011
32Normal"Crop to Selection" works incorrectly when zoomedFixed12/15/2010
18NormalNPS window does not grab focus on startup. However, if the welcome screen is enabled, the welcome sc...Reviewed5/17/2010
19NormalFeedback form does not allow attaching a screenshot....Reviewed5/17/2010
20NormalUsing the eraser on a JPEG image causes transparency to show, however there is no warning when savin...Fixed5/17/2010
22NormalTransparency issue when editing a jpeg...Fixed5/17/2010
24NormalDisable the next button while the Feedback window is sending the information....Fixed5/17/2010
25NormalError while making a new palette. In the New palette dialog, when you select the first radio button ...Fixed5/17/2010
16MinorPlane and Wheel Colors doesn't work...Won't Fix6/5/2009