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Summary: Make tools work without a keyboard

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166 Feature Request General


Update drawing tools as follows (list in progress). Ideally keep both the keyboard shortcut and UI element if possible, since there is a great variety in input devices. The goal is to allow NPS to be used without reliance on a keyboard, while continuing to support keyboard shortcuts for enhanced productivity.

* Add + and - buttons for size adjustments, e.g. draw width
* Add a toggle button to the UI that corresponds to a keyboard key, for example holding Shift to constrain proportions. The button should visually update as the key is pressed.

* Selection tools and text tool: add "Place" button
* Clone stamp: add button to define clone source instead of requiring Alt key, add display of clone source

Steps to Reproduce

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* Added "Place" button for text/selection and "Set Src" button for clone

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1/28/2014 02:33 AM CST 7/12/2014 09:49 PM CST 166 days

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