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NPS Image Editor includes Help documentation that will teach you how to use the program. You can view it online in your browser, or from within the application itself by pressing F1.

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Official NPS Facebook Page

NPS Image Editor has an official Facebook page! Like NPS to receive the latest news, updates, and tips from both the developer and users.

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Issue Tracker

The Issue Tracker lists currently known bugs and feature requests.

NPS Image Editor thrives on user-submitted feedback – including bug reports, feature suggestions, praise, and criticism. You may send detailed feedback using the application by clicking the "Feedback?" link in the top right corner, or by clicking Help > Send Feedback.

Online Issue Tracker


A lot of time and effort goes into the development of NPS. My goal with NPS is not to make money but rather to provide a useful piece of software to the community; however, working on NPS does cost me in other ways. Please consider making a secure donation (via PayPal) to continue the development and free support of NPS.

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If all else fails, feel free to contact the developer using's contact page.

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