Support - Donate

A lot of time and effort goes into the development of NPS Image Editor. My goal with NPS is not to make money but rather to provide a useful piece of software to the community; however, working on NPS does cost me in other ways. Please consider making a secure donation (via PayPal) to continue the development and free support of NPS Image Editor.

Thank you very much for your support!

Where does the money go?

Your donation will primarily go towards costs associated with development (as it isn't free). These include:

  • Website and file hosting costs, including domain registration
  • Code-signing certificates (see FAQ)
  • Hardware, software, and electricity costs for my development/testing machines

Can't make a monetary donation?

Not a problem! There are still many ways you can help me out with NPS:

  • Recommend the software to others. Get the name "NPS" out there. (Just don't spam others, please.)
  • Write a review of NPS on your blog or in a video. Be sure to send me a link when you're done!
  • Test the software and file meaningful bug reports.
  • Provide constructive criticism and suggest features you would like to see. That's how future versions of NPS are made better.
  • Create extensions! NPS 3 allows you to create filters, file handlers, import/export handlers, add-ins, color palettes, color schemes, and more to expand its functionality. I provide free code templates with all of the hard work done, which you can customize to your needs and even submit to me for inclusion with future versions of NPS.
  • Use NPS as part of your daily life. It's not just an image editor. Several people I know find the standalone NPS color picker to be very useful when writing HTML pages, for example, even if they do not use NPS itself for image editing.