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Summary: "Fatal: unable to communicate with hybrid-instance-manager" error

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188 Bug General
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I just got a fatal error while starting up NPS. Nothing seems to be not functioning but the error said this. "fatal: unable to communicate with hybrid-instance-manager"

Steps to Reproduce

Open the program


Cannot reproduce this specific occurrence. However this generally happens if the "NPS Instance Manager" is closed (it's normally offscreen). This window is used for processing application-level Windows messages, launching new instances of the program without reactivating minimized ones (unlike how MS Office programs do), and cleanly shutting down -- unfortunately as it's the first window opened when launching, it's not possible to reopen it if something closed it.

A possible long-term solution is to make the Instance Manager pop up a warning before closing (and/or closing all windows). However these are undesirable -- modal popups can lock up the program and closing all open windows without warning isn't good usability. Forcibly preventing it from closing can prevent Windows from shutting down so that's not a good option either.

The workaround for now if you see this error is to save your work and relaunch NPS.

Timing Information

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9/19/2014 09:54 AM CST 4/11/2018 03:34 AM CST 1300 days

Additional Information

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3.0.9611.81 Windows 7 x64 .NET Not fixed