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Summary: Keep track of file changes, attributes, and locking

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162 Feature Request General


Have NPS keep track of the current document in multiple ways:

1) Allow only one copy of the file to be opened at a time. If the same file is re-loaded as a document, bring the existing window to the foreground or display an error.

2) If the file is modified outside of NPS, display a prompt to reload it. Ideally, a non-intrusive prompt at the top of the screen should be used.

3) Allow a file to be opened as read-only and display a banner similar to the one in MS Office. This can be done manually, or as determined by NPS from file attributes, security descriptors, or media type. NPS should have the ability to attempt to remove the read-only flag as well.

4) Keep track of exclusive locks on files. Let NPS acquire such locks, and release them at will. (.NET will lock the file by default; work around this.)

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