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Summary: Add proper DPI support for images

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182 Feature Request Graphics


Currently NPS Image Editor assumes 96 dpi for working with images. This corresponds to dot-for-dot mapping on all monitors (including high-DPI ones where only the surrounding UI scales), as well as the internal storage of images, but is unintuitive when working with images set to a DPI other than 96.

Adding proper image DPI awareness will accomplish 2 things:
1. Allowing the image size to be specified in units other than pixels (inches, cm, etc.)
2. Allowing the zoom level to more accurately reflect the size of the image in real life, taking into account the DPI set within the image file and the monitor's DPI setting. Zooming in at 100% corresponds to "life size", e.g. 96 pixels = 1 inch on the monitor if both the image and monitor DPI are 96.

A "dot for dot" zoom level should be added as well to continue to display 1-to-1 pixel mapping regardless of screen size or DPI.

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