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Summary: Support high DPI and touch-enhanced UI (multi part issue)

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161 Feature Request User Interface
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Support for high DPI and finger-friendly UI is an important issue considering the proliferation of ultra-high-DPI displays and touchscreen devices. NPS currently does a poor job of scaling.

1) Allow for uniform scaling of the main UI so that buttons, text, etc. are larger or smaller, using a custom scaling factor. At the same time the actual canvas MUST NOT be auto-scaled in order to allow 1:1 pixel mapping.

2) Automatically determine scale factor for (1) from Windows DPI settings to make NPS fit the expected size of such elements

3) Allow for "touch friendly" layout of buttons that makes them larger and more spaced out, but does not affect the size of text or images

4) Apply this scaling logic to dialogs as well

5) Set default zoom level for documents according to DPI, to prevent images from looking unnaturally small

6) Develop or obtain high-resolution images for scaled screen elements to prevent blurring

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1 and 2 done, always using system scale factor
3 done

4, 5, 6 not done

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1/24/2014 01:27 PM CST 1913 days

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