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Summary: Allow resizing of image to standard page sizes and/or inches

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65 Feature Request General


Add "Inches" unit to Resize dialog, and/or allow standard page sizes to be chosen

Original user input:
I was almost give up searching for software like this. It is briliant but there is just one thing I would improve. As a drawer and designer I would like to see where are borders A4 page as I selected in page set up on my canvas ,in order to see what I am going to print or simple to see canvas with paper setting that will help me to know how far I could go with my design That is all ...everything else seem to working perfectly. I can tell you your software is one unique and should be proud with it. It is everything I was searching for years. Do not know is ti hard to do but I could not find similar for long time.

Sorry English is not my native language and if I need to descibe a little bit more what would has to be improved I would do it.

sincerely [redacted]

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4/11/2013 12:00 AM CST 2201 days

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3.0.7985.72 Windows XP x86 .NET Not fixed