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Summary: Make Esc place selection instead of clearing it

Issue# Type Category Severity Status
167 Feature Request General


MS Paint uses Esc to place the selection. NPS uses it to clear the selection instead. This behavior is unnatural to someone coming from MS Paint.

Current behavior in NPS is to place the selection upon pressing Enter. The Delete key functions the same in both programs.

Issue needs more user feedback before a decision is made.

Steps to Reproduce

1) Paste something into a document in MS Paint.
2) Hit Esc. This places the selection.
3) Do the same in NPS. This deletes the selection, much like pressing Delete would do.


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Timing Information

Entered Closed Age
1/30/2014 10:59 PM CST 12/3/2016 02:01 AM CST 1037 days

Additional Information

Reported Version Operating System Architecture Fixed Version
3.0.9611.81 Windows 7 x64 .NET 3.0.10542.86