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The View menu contains commands for configuring the state of the editing window.


Toolbars provide useful one-click shortcuts for menu commands. Depending on personal preferences, you may show or hide these toolbars to customize your work environment to your needs.

You may show or hide the menu bar, standard toolbar, zoom toolbar, and text toolbar. If you hide the menu bar, you can restore it by right-clicking in the toolbar area or by pressing the Alt key.


NPS contains three panels, one on each side of the screen and one on the bottom. By default, the side panels are visible and the bottom panel is hidden.


The Toolbox contains the list of tools and brushes that you can use for working with your image, as well as any parameters for the operation of these tools.


The Sidebar contains color-oriented commands. This includes the main controls for choosing drawing color, the swatch palette, options for color cycling, and a transparency mode selector,

Bottom Panel

The bottom panel provides a familiar Microsoft Paint-style color picker. You may use it instead of, or in addition to, the swatch picker on the sidebar.

Status Bar

Keyboard Shortcut: None

The Status Bar displays any status or descriptive messages about your image, as well as the current cursor position, object size, scroll mode, and zoom level.

Full Screen

Keyboard Shortcut: F11

In Full Screen mode, the NPS window is maximized and all toolbars and panels are hidden. To exit Full Screen mode, press F11 again.


The Zoom menu allows you to select the zoom level of the current document. You can zoom in and out depending on the level of precision your work requires.

Zoom In, Zoom Out

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl++, Ctrl+-, including numpad variants

Zooms in or out of the image by predefined steps.


Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+0, Ctrl+Numpad0

Resets the zoom level to 100%.


Keyboard Shortcut: None

Allows you to specify a custom zoom level in percent.

Show Grid

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+G

Toggles the pixel grid. The zoom grid makes it easier to see pixel boundaries when zoomed in. When enabled, the grid is automatically displayed when the zoom level is set to 400% or higher, and hidden at lower zoom levels.

Auto Scroll

Keyboard Shortcut: None

When Auto Scroll is enabled and you resize the document by using the handles in the corners, NPS will automatically scroll the new areas into view, allowing you to resize the canvas to any level with one click and drag.

When Auto Scroll is disabled and you resize the document by using the handles in the corners, NPS will not scroll automatically, allowing you more control over the final size of the canvas.