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The Tools menu contains utility commands for NPS.

Web Browser

The NPS Web Browser is used internally for various maintenance functions of NPS. It is not intended to be a replacement for a general-purpose browser, but is provided here to allow you access to any relevant resources from within NPS itself.

Palette Editor

Opens a dialog allowing you to edit the current swatch palette. This is not related to the internal image's palette if editing in Indexed mode.

Brush Manager

Opens the Brush Manager dialog.

Document Recovery

Displays the Document Recovery dialog that is normally shown if NPS closes abruptly, such as when it crashes or there is a power outage.

Component Manager

Opens the Component Manager, which allows you to add, customize, and delete brushes, textures, color palettes, filters, and more.

Options (NPS Configuration Panel)

This opens the NPS Configuration Panel, which allows you to configure NPS.