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The Help menu contains commands for obtaining information about NPS.


Keyboard Shortcut: F1

Displays the NPS Help window.


Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+F1

Displays the NPS Help window displaying the index, if the index is supported.


Keyboard Shortcut: None

Displays the NPS Help window displaying the search pane, if search is supported.

NPS Online

Contains links to online resources for NPS.

Check for Updates

Keyboard Shortcut: None

Checks for any updates available for NPS. This will work regardless of the current update settings, but an internet connection is required in order to connect to the update server.

Update Settings

Keyboard Shortcut: None

Allows you to configure if, when, and how NPS should check for updates on its own.

Send feedback about this version of NPS

Keyboard Shortcut: None

Allows you to send feedback to the developer of NPS. Feedback is extremely useful since it helps the developer to build the application in a way that corresponds to the users' needs. If you are unhappy about NPS in any way, notice any problems, or want to suggest a new feature, please do so via the feedback dialog or by sending an email to

Welcome Screen

Keyboard Shortcut: None

Displays the initial Welcome screen that normally appears when NPS starts. The Welcome screen contains buttons to quickly load a document as well as the Tip of the Day.

You can disable the automatic appearance of the Welcome screen if you desire. If you disable the Welcome screen, NPS will start up with a blank document, much like Microsoft Paint.

NPS System Information

Keyboard Shortcut: None

Displays detailed information about the current version of NPS and the installation. This can be useful for debugging purposes.

About NPS

Keyboard Shortcut: None

Displays the About dialog, which contains version information, basic license information, and credits.