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What's New?

NPS 3.2 is a significant upgrade to NPS Image Editor 3.0. Read the blog post for details!


You can non-destructively edit parts of your image by placing data on a separate layer, similar to other image editors.

Color Picker

The Color Picker brings a refreshed UI, color quantization support (which lets you restrict it to web-safe colors), and support for the upcoming CSS4 HWB standard.

Crop to Content

Quickly crop a selection, layer, or image to its content. This is very useful when you take a screenshot of something with a background and want to crop out as much of the background as possible.

NPSD file format

An open-specification file format that supports multiple layers

Document recovery

Document recovery now works through auto-save, giving you a much more complete recovery for unsaved documents/

Online help

A new online help system that is instantly up to date!

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