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Color Modes

The NPS Color Picker can restrict the selectable colors to various color modes. This will prevent you from selecting a color value that does not fit. Most color selectors will likewise restrict their available choices to fit within the mode, but if this is not possible, a warning will be displayed and you can click it to update the dialog to the nearest valid color.

The following modes are available (depending on the version of NPS Image Editor):

True Color

The default mode that allows all possible colors to be selected with no restriction. This allows 8 bits per channel (red, green, blue, alpha) and is elsewhere known as "24 bit" (when referring to R/G/B channels only) or "32 bit" (when including the alpha channel).

High Color

Restricts colors to 16-bit High Color mode. 5 bits are used for red and blue, and 6 bits are used for green. In Windows XP this is known as "Medium" color quality. Alpha is not restricted.

Web Safe

Restricts colors to the palette oi 216 "web safe" colors to maximize the chances of accurate color display on palette-limited (256 Colors) devices.


Restricts colors to only shades of gray

Named Colors

Restricts colors to the set of named colors (excluding system colors). This can also be achieved by using the Named Color format