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The Filter menu allows you to apply custom filters, or effects, to your image. The filter will apply to either the whole image or to the selection. NPS comes with nearly 50 filters by default.


Runs the last-used filter with the previous settings

Filter list

Filters are grouped by category to make them easier to find. You can consult the basic list of categories below for more information.

The exact list of filters varies across releases of NPS, and more filters can be added or even created by the user.

Legacy filters

Some filters have been carried over from previous versions of NPS. These are termed "legacy" filters. Since older versions of NPS did not support transparency, legacy filters completely ignore tha alpha channel if one is present. NPS will warn you if running a legacy filter will result in unintented side effects.

Legacy filters are no longer supported as of NPS 3.2.

Filter Category Reference

The following standardized filter categories are available. Additional categories are possible as well. If you are developing your own filters, it is recommended that you try using the standard categories if at all possible.


Contains filters that adjust image brightness, color tone, etc.


Contains artistic effects.


Contains filters that somehow blur or obfuscate the image.


Contains filters that operate exclusively on color on a per-pixel basis.

Cool Effects

Similar to Artistic, but contains less formally defined effects.


Contains filters designed to enhance the quality of the image somehow, such as by sharpening or removing noise.


Contains filters that produce a noisy or grainy effect for artistic purposes.


Contains programs that render their own content atop the canvas, such as gradients, text, or fractals.