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The Edit menu contains commands for inserting, deleting, and modifying your document.


Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Z

Undoes the specified operation. You can undo multiple operations by pressing the shortcut multiple times.


Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Y

Redoes the operation last undone, in the same order.


Displays a list of operations that were performed on the image, and allows you to navigate to a specific one.

Purge Undo

Keyboard Shortcut: None

Clears the undo buffer. This prevents you from undoing any actions past this point – only newly-performed actions will be undoable.

Mark Clean

Keyboard Shortcut: None

Marks the document as unmodified. This will prevent you from being prompted to save unsaved changes until your next edit.


Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+X

Copies the selection to the clipboard and deletes it from the document.


Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+C

Copies the selection to the clipboard but does not delete it from the document.

Copy Merged

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+C

Copies the selection, including any visible data from other layers, to the clipboard but does not delete it from the document.


Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+V

Pastes the contents of the clipboard into your document as a new selection.

If the size of the image being pasted is larger than the document canvas size, you will be prompted to resize the canvas or to keep it as-is (which will allow you to move the selection within the bounds). This was the default behavior of Microsoft Paint prior to Windows XP. You may suppress the dialog if you desire, in which case the canvas will automatically resize itself to accommodate any images pasted in.

If a selection already exists, it will be placed on the image first.


Keyboard Shortcut: Del

Deletes the selection from the document.

Select All

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+A

Selects the entire document.

Select All Content

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+A

Selects the content of the current layer. Content is determined by the smallest box that contains all non-transparent pixels. This follows the transparency editing mode.


Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+D

Removes the current selection without placing it.

Place Object

Keyboard Shortcut: Enter

Places the selection or other object into the current layer.

The final appearance of the placed selection depends on multiple options in the Format menu.

Edit Text

Keyboard Shortcut: F2

When using the Text tool, allows you to change the text currently being edited

Rasterize Text

Converts the current text object into an image selection. This allows you to perform pixel-based filters on it, but prevents you from editing the text as text.

Copy To

Keyboard Shortcut: None

Allows you to save the current selection into a file.

Paste From

Keyboard Shortcut: None

Opens a file from your computer and creates a selection. You can move the selection around before placing it.

Paste as New Image

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+V

Creates a new document from the current data on the clipboard.


Keyboard Shortcut: None

Opens the Properties dialog, which allows you to view and edit attributes of the image.