This is a tentative plan for the future of NPS Image Editor and Color Picker. Since this is a hobby project, real life takes priority and I cannot commit to any timelines. Depending on difficulty, some functionality may arrive ahead of or behind the specified version schedule.

Versioning is more or less based on Codebase.Feature.Revision. So an increment of the first number indicates a compatibility-breaking restructure of the codebase, the second number indicates a major feature or functionality change, and the third number indicates a revision or bug fix (without adding a major feature).

Version 3.x (codename "Obsidian")

Obsidian is the first .NET-based version of NPS Image Editor and is a complete rewrite from the VB6 version.

Version 3.3 (2020-2022)

  • Screen clipping and per-monitor cropping functionality
  • Automatic updater that updates the current installation seamlessly instead of requiring a "normal" interactive installation

Version 3.4 (2023-present)

  • Layer blending options
  • Modernized Settings dialog

Version 4.x (codename "Pyrite")

Pyrite is a major update to Obsidian that takes advantage of modern development technologies. Specific details are still being worked out but expect a modern Windows 10/11-style UI and possibly some multi-platform support.

Version 4.0 (2023-present)

  • Initial migration to .NET 7 using Windows Forms
  • Some cleanup and restructuring of the code
  • New logo and theme
  • MSIX / Windows Store support (tentative)

Version 4.1 (2024?)

  • Layer mask support
  • Magic Wand tool
  • Color mode for layers (grayscale etc)
  • Text layers

Future Pyrite versions

  • Decouple UI from Windows Forms as much as possible, paving the way for cross-platform and WinUI support
  • More efficient extension model that uses DLLs instead of separate EXEs
  • Internationalization support to allow translating the program to other languages. Initial planned languages (subject to availability of input from fluent speakers):
    • Russian (native speaker)
    • Spanish
    • German
    • Japanese
  • Ability to edit metadata (such as EXIF data in JPEG images)
  • Improved scripting
    • "Scriptable UI" which will allow for customization of menus/toolbars
    • Script editor
  • Text tool effects available in one click
  • Support for editing indexed color images (and associated constraints in the color picker)
  • Tabbed/flexible UI

Far Future

  • Mac and Linux port
  • Mobile (and/or web browser) port